F- Series Varieties

F-Series Varieties 

Our varieties that are mostly unstable and are in various F- stages from F-2 to F-7 are Capsicum Annuum through Capsicum Pubescent. Sweet to Superhot. We have a very high number of F-type varieties enough to have there own website. It has been coming up often over the last couple of years that we should make these varieties available for growers that are trying to breed and make new varieties. We all know that trying to lock down a good variety can take a lot of time. We know that if we had access to such varieties that are already showing signs of change in colour, flavour, size, shape, sweetness and heat would of helped greatly in making new varieties.

Here is what you need to know to navigate these Varieties first this is how they are coded F244C this reads as F2 is the F Stage 44 is the Varietys Number and the C is for Capsicum Chinense. There is another example  F467A this Variety is in F4 stage plant number 67 and it's a Capsicum Annuum. 

This category well be up and running soon, we are taking inventory and working on the write ups for each F-Variety. 


APS F7120C Pepper

APS F7120C Pepper

This is a F- Variety we worked on some time ago it is pretty stable. It is a Superhot cross of 7-Pot..


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