Germination times may vary from one variety to the next. Some varieties can take up 4 months but that is rare but can happen if you can wait that long without giving up. We have a small list  of varieties and average days for germination at the bottom of this page. But first the basics: 

All varieties benefit from warm to very warm (80-95F) temperatures.


Our germination process at Atlantic Pepper Seeds:

Germination Method #1

We use small containers usually prescription bottles which we buy from a local drug store. We mix 9 parts water to 1 part 3% hydrogen peroxide. (this is to kill off any bacteria, and we add a very small amount of baby shampoo to help cut through the oils on the seeds, We do this for the first  24 hrs. The next 24 hrs we use fresh water with a PH of 6.8 to 7.2 mixed at 15 parts water to 1 part hydrogen peroxide, We keep the water temperature at 85F to 90F and we like to keep seeds in the bottles till we see sprouts changing the water every 24hrs. 

We use Salt Peter (Potassium Nitrate) for the hard to start varieties with a mix of 1 - 2% salt peter / 1 gram of salt peter to 100ml is a 1% solution for a maximum of 24 hrs. This help soften the seeds shell and help them to shed the shells once they start to grow. This is also a must for wild varieties. This simulates passing through a birds digestive tract. We would sell Salt Peter but you need a License to do so. So here is a link to where we get our Salt Peter. They ask for the reason you are trying to buy Salt Peter and you need to say for seeds Germination. Here is the Link Salt Peter (Potassium Nitrate)

Germination Method #2

We also use paper towel in bags method with good results as well. We put seeds in between folded paper towel after a quick 2-5 min soak in 3% hydrogen peroxide then mix hydrogen peroxide and water at a rate of 15 parts water to 1 part hydrogen peroxide and then soak the seeds and paper towel. Than place them in lunch bags and seal them. Then place on heat mat at a temperature of 85F to 89F. We change water after one week with the same mix of water and hydrogen peroxide. This can be hard to do. So we more less just add the new water mix to the bags using more then needed and pore off the excess.  

Germination Method #3

We have done this method with good results as well. We put seeds in paper towel in the lunch bags and add water treated with salt peter at 0.5 - 1% (to soften seeds casings) and hydrogen peroxide at 9 parts water one part peroxide. Leave the seeds in this water mix in the bags for 24 -36 hrs with the bags on a heat mat set to 85F to 90F. After 24 -36 hrs we plant the seeds in our starter trays which are on heat mats as well set to 85F To 90F. We will use this method when we are in a hurry or if it’s getting late for Germinating seeds.

We have turned up our heat mats to 90F to 95F to Speed things up a bit. This works very well and will take Days off Germination but this is very risky and can Cook Seeds. This should only be a last resort and only if you have extra seeds because you can lose seeds this way. This needs some practice to do. To not lose seeds. but can be done well if you have some practice at it.

All varieties don't do well in acidic soils, for that reason we like to start in Rockwell and then transplant to soil after seeds start to have first true leafs.

Now for estimated germination times under optimal conditions:

For Capsicum Annuum germination can take anywhere between  1-6 weeks with 2 weeks being the average with some varieties taking 4-6 weeks

For Capsicum Baccatum germination can take anywhere between 2-8 weeks with an average of 2-3 weeks

For Capsicum Chinense germination can take between 2-10 weeks with an average of 2-6 weeks

For Capsicum Chinense germination can take between  2-12weeks with an average of 2-4 weeks but there are some varieties that well take 6-10 weeks

For Capsicum Eximium germination can take between 3-12 weeks with an average of 3-8 weeks

For Capsicum Frutescens germination can take between 2-8 week with an average of 2-4 weeks

For Capsicum Galapagoense germination can take between 2-10 weeks with an average of 2-6 weeks

For Capsicum Lanceolatum germination can take between 3-12 weeks with an average of 3-8 weeks

For Capsicum Praetermissum germination can take between 3-12 weeks with an average of 3-6 weeks

For Capsicum Pubescens germination can take between 3-14 weeks with an average of 3-6 weeks Manzano type peppers usually take up to 2-3 months to germinate under ideal conditions.

For Capsicum Rhomboideum germination can take between 3-12 weeks with an average of 3-8 weeks

Now for germination times by varieties, with the first numbers being 25% germination, second number being 50% germination, and last number 100% germination. This is what we have seen here at Atlantic Pepper seeds and these are rough estimates and can vary depending on conditions. 

 Aconcagua 10 11 15
 Aji Yellow 11 15 20
 Anaheim 10 14 20
 Ancho 11 11 20
 Assam 8 15 20
 Banana 7 10 15
 Bangalore Torpedo 10 12 15
 Bhut Jolokia, regular 17 25 30
 Bhut Jolokia Craig's 12 15 21
 Bishops Crown 10 12 15
 California Mild 12 14 20
 Cascabel 17 17 17
 Caloro 12 14 21
 Catarina 8 11 20
 Cayenne Long Slim 6 8 11
 Cayenne 7 10 14                                                                                                                              Cherry Hot 8 11 29
 Chimayo 7 9 11
 Cobra 11 14 20
 Costeno Rojo 14 20 28
 De Arbol 17 18 18
Dulcetta 15 15 15
 Elephants Trunk 11 11 11
 Fresno 11 11 11                                                                                                                               Fatalii 11 14 20
 Guajillo 12 13 14 to 22
 Habanero Paper Lantern 11 11 47
 Habanero Mustard 11 11 15
 Habanero White Bullet® 11 11 15
 Hungarian Yellow Wax 12 15 28
 Jalapeno M 11 11 20
 Jalapeno TAM 11 11 11
 Jalapeno Early 10 10 10
 Japones 11 13 24
 Joe E. Parker 11 15 20
 Kurnool 11 15 20
 Manzano Orange 11 15 28
 Manzano Red 12 12 14
 Manzano Yellow 15 15 15
 Marconi Red 10 12 30
 Mex. Black, Chilaca 11 11 20
 Numex 6-4L 11 15 15
 Numex Big Jim 11 15 20
 Numex Improved 11 15 15
 Onza Amarillo 17 17 22
 Pequin 24 26 35
Portugal 11 11 15
 Pueblo 11 15 20
 Punjab Small Hot 11 11 15
 Puya 11 11 12
 Sandia 11 15 20
 Santa Fe Grande 11 15 20
 Scotch Bonnet Caribbean Red 10 11 11 to 47
 Scotch Bonnet  11 11 20
 Serrano 11 15 20
 Squash Jam. Red 11 11 15
Squash Jam. Yellow 11 15 20
 Sudanese 15 20 28
 Sweet  Wrinked Old Man 11 11 15
Tabasco 15 15 20
 Tepin 18 21 31
 Thai Bangkok 11 11 20
 Thai Large 11 11 15
 Zimbabwe Bird 11 15 15

Here are some of the slowest to germinate. 

Cascabel 17 17 17
Onza Amarillo. 17 17 22
 De Arbol 17 18 18
Costeno Rojo 14 20 28
Sudanese 15 20 28

Rocoto 12 20 35

Tepin 18 21 31 

Bhut Jolokia, regular 17 25 30
Pequin 24 26 35

We hope this will take out some of the guess work.

Good luck with your Peppers and Happy Growing from us all here at Atlantic Pepper Seeds 

A Germination Test we Just Did on seeds from 2016 and thought we should share. We do this every year with most of our seeds. That said we also grow from our own stock so we see our Germination averages. Here what we did to test the seeds. We use the paper towel method with heat mat set at 82F To 85Fwith just Water And Hydrogen   peroxide mixed at 1 part Hydrogen Peroxide to 9 parts water and then count the days to 100% Germination. Here is the one Test and pictures and total Days to full Germination was 7-Days with this Variety which is very good we don't see this that often most will at least take 7 to 12 Days. But the seeds are only 2 years old. This is a testament to fresh seeds. 

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