Growing Peppers With Chemical Fertilizers

Growing Peppers With Chemical Fertilizers

If you don’t mind using  Chemical fertilizers or your growing in fields then you need to read this. 

So over the years we have done some  experimenting before we decided to go organic. Here what worked for us with different growing methods. 

We will start with growing in pots again a good pot size is 3 gallon. For all varieties we would take 1/4 to 1/2 cup bone meal and 30-40 grams of a good time release or a field fertilizer like 10 10 10. We take moist potting soil and put about 1 1/2 inch of soil in the bottom of the pots mix in the bone meal and the 30 grams of fertilizer. Then pack the mix into the bottom of the pots pack it down good this will help the pots holed moister as well. Then you can fill the pots with soil and transplant your seedling into the pots. Once plants start to grow in about one week to a week and a half after you start to see plant growing good. At this point you take a good water soluble like 30 10 10 or if you can’t get the 30 10 10 you can use 20 20 20 or the miracle grow tomato fertilizer. Put a half to one tsp of this right on the top of the soil in your pots and water this in you only use enough water to water the fertilizer in don't soak the pots. In 4-6 days you do this again. But only if plants are growing good if the plants are not starting to grow well you should wait about 7-9 days. You can tell if the plants are starting to take off. Once plants are a good size about 2 weeks of growth after you started to fertilizer with the water soluble. At this point you can give them 2 tsp and you can give it to plants every 3-4 day. You want to fertilize this way and pick off flowers and prune any tops. This will make your plants bushy, if you have 4 to 8 growing branch’s or more you can no or stop pruning but keep picking off flower. You want to pick flowers off up until mid July or until you are happy with plant size. After you are done picking off flowers this is when you want to switch from a veg fertilizer to a bloom like 15 30 15 or 10 52 10. Start with 1 to 1 1/2 tsp, and after 3-4 days you can give plants 1 to 1 1/2 Tbsp of water soluble. We would only fertilize with bloom for around two week. After that we rely on the granular fertilizer and the bone meal. That’s about it for this method I’d like to add you can foil spray along with this at 3 day intervals but not on the same day you give the plants the blue on the top of pots. This is what you want to mix up for foil staying take 2 Tbsp of Epson salt and 2 Tbsp of water soluble be it veg or bloom depending of what plants are doing. It’s best to melt the Epson salt in hot water and you can mix the blue in to to help melt it too. Another thing here once plants are starting to flower and you are foil spraying with bloom and Epson salt you can add 1 to 1 1/2 ml of Cal - Mag to your spray this will in sheer you have lots of calcium for flowering and poding if you do this you will not have a calcium deficiency. but if you see curled leafs or miss shaped leafs you should foil spray with 2 to 2 1/2 ml of Cal - Mag this also goes for any type of growing if you see calcium deficiencies. You should foil spray up until you see plants have 50% pods starting you can do this more but at this point we would stop all fertilizing.

Now for field growing or in ground growing. You can foil spray just as above  the only difference is what you put in the ground but like growing in pots you want to put 1/4-1/2 cup bone meal in your holes and if you are not field growing you want to put granular fertilizer in the hole just like if you were growing in pots 30-40 grams pre plant. Now in field you use your field fertilizer at the rate that is recommended. Now if you are growing in field with plastic on the ground then you are going to be hand planting plants in. So you want to put the bone meal or another good type of Calcium and 20-30 grams of granular fertilizer in each hole. Now for the home grower you want to use a water soluble just like as if you were growing in pots you can put the blue right on the ground at the base of the plant and water it in. 

Now field growing you could go give all the plants a scoop of blue but this would be Labour some. So you want to put 10 grams of a granular as a dressing around the base of plants using a granular for what the plants are doing like veg or bloom. 

In field and in ground you want to foil spray as above at the same time intervals. If you filling up a tractor pulled sprayer you want a EC reading of 8000-9000. For both veg and bloom

if you do these things you will see a great return from your plants this is pushing the limit on what plants will take. You can play around a bit with this there is a little room to give more fertilizer if you feel inclined to do so. 

Now for the home grower you can try other fertilizers from hydro shops but this will be the cheapest way to go

buy your water soluble In bulk if you can if not you will pay more for the small 2kg tubs of miracle grow but if you only have 10-20 plants then the small tubs will do good. But if you can find the 15kg or 25 kg bags then you will save. And you can always use it next year too.

I was going to cover Chemical pest management but it needs its own page so here’s the link 

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