What you can do with your Peppers

You can eat them. Thought we get that one out of the way. We are going to cover some of the things we know of about what we have done.

We are also going to add things that we have heard of. And thing others are saying Pepper can be used for or pepper can make.

so we make the simple things every year like pickles salsa jelly and powders. 

Making powders is a art and can take some time do. Do to drying and grinding but once you have that all done mixing and tasting is fun. And that one powder that is to hot or you don’t like it’s profile. 

The next thing you can do with your hot Pepper is make in to a powder and spray your corn to keep animals from eating I won’t name any names but we all know who eat the corn every year. A good hot mix of a tsp or even a tbsp to a gallon of water in your sprayer with warm water and a drop or two of sunlight. you can also spray your grape to keep them from eating them to. We like to use Ghost Pepper Powder for this spray or hotter and it works but does need to be applied a couple of time  especially if it rains hard.

The spray can also be used to repel bugs on lettuce and other greens but you have to wash off the spray or you can use a more diluted mix fir spraying your greens. 

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