Delivery Information


Most orders will be mailed as soon as they are packaged within one to two business days. We use standard envelopes and postage for most orders and charge a flat fee. If you would like your order immediately we can ship Canada Post Express, or another delivery service at your expense. Most orders shipped arrive within 1 - 2 weeks with standard shipping. Atlantic Pepper seeds will not be responsible for any lost, or damaged orders, but will work with the customer to find a solution. As the buyer, you are solely responsible for any import restrictions, prohibited import items, taxes, tariffs, fees and other duties.

We have recently added other shipping options. The costs of the other shipping are not our prices. They are Canada posts rates. We still recommend using our original shipping it’s the cheapest and order will come in one to two weeks depending on where you live. We add these new options for those who can’t wait or would like to have tracking. As of 2024 we are seeing slower shipping times we not sure why but it seem that after Covid this is the new normal that being 1-3 weeks within Canada and 1-5 weeks world wide. We are not happy about this situation but for the cost it is still the best option. We have looked around to find better rates and carriers with no luck most others want 10$ to start and that’s just not fair to you, our customer. if and when there is a better option we will certainly update to that carrier. For now we are at the will of Canada post and I’m sure that we are all familiar with them and how they are. If you have not gotten your order within this time frame let us know we are happy to resend if needed. We also like to ask if you can order sooner than later. That is best 

Thank you again we are happy to serve you and we wish you happy growing