About Us

Atlantic Pepper Seeds has been growing and selling Chilli Peppers Seeds since 2001. We have developed several exciting new varieties over the years that are well suited for cooler climates, We also have a number of new superhot varieties we have developed as well. We strived to bring rare and exotic varieties together from around the world to one place. We grow out of our own love of Capsicum peppers and the excitement of trying and tasting new varieties. 

All of our pepper plants are grown using organic Practises without the use of heavy pesticides or synthetic fertilizers allowing us to offer the best quality seeds possible. That said we are not selling a certified organic product but we grow in soil with compost and bonemeal in general purpose, potting soil with out pesticide or herbicide, fungicide. We do use botanic guard And bio works products when we need help with pests or fungus along with predator species like predator mites etc. p

We isolate our plants in seed production in order to guarantee the best genetics that said cross can still happen. We grow all the varieties that we sell year round So we always have fresh seeds that have high germination rates. 

We are family owned and operated out of New Brunswick, Canada. It can be hard to grow some varieties from one year to the next , but we do our best to provide a wide selection for our customers. We are very proud to say we have grown well over 3,500 varieties and we grow 800 to 1,000 varieties each year. We now have more than 2000 varieties here online for you to pick from and we add 50-100 new varieties every year. 

We are very happy to serve our customers and provide the best seeds we can and the best selection we can. Thanks to all our customers for your support us over the years, and to all good happy growing !