Atlantic Pepper Seeds A Look Inside

Welcome to Atlantic Pepper Seeds (APS) . We thank you for your time and your patronage. We have been asked what it like here at APS so we are going to show you.  We hope this answers some of your question. First we will start with a list of what we are going to show you. First will be the greenhouse then the tunnels and outdoor plot. Our indoor growing and our seeds dryer.

This is our greenhouse #1 it’s a 30/60 feet with heat from heat pumps. We can only use this house from March to the end of November. The heat pumps work good but they dry out the plants. This is great in spring when plants have been just transplanted into 3 gallon pots and their water intake is very low. The pumps dry out the pots which helps with fungus gnats control in smaller pots. We can get 450 3 gallon pots with plants in this greenhouse. We mostly grow Capsicum in this house, but we do put some Capsicum Baccatum plants in along the back walls as they get very tall and been to be supported. Here’s the pictures of greenhouse #1

In the Spring March 7th

Here we are in may 2021

Sometime in early July 

Here is mid august 

This is early in last season 2020

now we will goto our tunnels and outdoor growing 

This is in early June in our home made tunnels

Again in early June 2021

we will add more picture of the tunnels when they are full

Here is our outdoor plot. We start this around mid June and the plants here are ones that had bugs or were not growing as fast as others in the houses or tunnels. Also in this picture you can see one of our year round greenhouse. This one is the one we start all the plants in. After we get plants started we use this smaller house for our Rocoto Peppers.

This is inside our small heated greenhouse where it all starts 

This is our on the hill greenhouse/ tunnel type home made it’s 40/50 feet 

Next we'll go to our newer heated greenhouse it’s 24/100 feet we have geo ground heating in this greenhouse. It has 12 inch round pipes that go down 6 feet with 4 inch webbing. Those are the black pipes you see in the pictures 

This is in mid June 2022

Here the same house at night in August 2021. We grow year round in this house and as you can see we need more light to get through winter we also use Co2 in this house.

From the other end 

we will now show you our indoor growing spaces first is our main indoor space that is 30/50 around 1400 . We use only LED lights for all our lighting 

This is in February/March here you see all our transplants getting ready to be moved to the greenhouse 

This is in Sept./Oct. We clean this space out in the summer and start moving plants back in the end of September to winter our plants and to still harvest some of the longer taking varieties.

These two pictures are in December and as you can see we are still getting pods and good growth still under LED lighting

This is where all our seeds go for 3 weeks or more to dry. Our dryer is 16/36 we use heat pump and Dehumidifiers to keep the dryer at 35% humidity and 62f temperature

As you can see we have Space to dry. There are 1800 spots/slots for drying one for each variety. This has worked great . The only problem we have is mice.  Believe it or not the mice will eat seeds. They of course go for the milder ones first, but they will eat reaper seeds and 7-Pot seeds so no type of seeds are safe. We set traps and use wall plus mice repellers they seem to work. We also use this guy little Bud the Mouser LOL 

More to come