Pepper Variety Identification

This informaton will help to identify various varieties. We know first hand that some varieties can look just like another except for slight differences in some cases. 

This is what we do know. Pods can look different depending on growing conditions and plant health. 

The first thing to look for is plant difference. Some plants will only grow to a certain height/or size like growing only a foot or two high, or six feet high. Another difference is plants having darker leaf colour or different leaf size. Second pods will start out with different colours like light green, pale green or dark green, light yellow, whitish or purple, and even black. Here are some pictures of three different varieties.

As you can see one could think that these are all the same plant. If you look at photo three, you can see in the bottom right that the pod is dark green. This is the starting color. There are other differences in these three photos, and that is pod shape (although very similar). These pods are more pointed, and also have different pod textures. The first pod in photo one are rougher than the pods in photo two, and in photo three the pods are smoother. We can see the difference in texture easier when comparing photo one to photo three.

Here are pictures of the same variety and one can see that the same plant can have different coloured pods at its starting colour. This varieties' normal color is dark green as its starting color but it had some light green ones. This could be because of lighting or growing conditions


Here in the pictures above you can see the difference in plants and pod look of the same variety. However, grown in two different places in the same climate. The difference in growing conditions with these two was the one on the left was grown in the ground, and the one on the right was grown in a 3 gallon pot. Both plants were grown outside and reserved the same amount of sun.

Here look any sone seedling. This will help identify seedlings by species.

first picture is C.Chinense

And this is a C.Pubescens 

More to come

There is a saying to entertain...

Eating chiles is a little like tasting wine. When you first drink wine, all you notice is the taste of alcohol. Then the more you drink the more you can tell if it's  red or white, and with time you soon taste the difference between the varieties. Eventually, you can tell what region the wine comes from. That’s how it is with chilli peppers. At first all you taste is heat, but soon you’ll be able to tell which heat sensations you like best and you'll start to taste the real flavour and start to tell the difference between varieties.