Growing Bonchili


Here what we do to make Bonchilis 

First plants need the same care as if they are going to be wintered. Plaese read Wintering Peppers 


To make Bonchili 

We first pick a plant that has the look that we are look for. if it’s a Plant that has been already wintered than we are ready to move forward if not please read Wintering Peppers plants. 

Now we need to make sure that it’s growing again after it’s hair cut. 

First thing we do is to get the pot or pots ready that are going to be used. It is best to use a time release fertilizer with low nitrogen. But we have used Osmocote Fertilizer 15-9-12 Slow Release 9 month or 15 month with very good results we also have had very good results just using bonemeal mixed with soil but we have had to use more bonemeal mixed into the top of the pot. This needs to be pack into the bottom of your pot pretty tight because it’s going to be the main water holder, so the tighter it’s packed the better. Another note here pots with holes tend to need more water then pots without holes but pots without hole can be over watered easy at first and that is one of the first thing to get past without killing the plant with to much water. It best to only water when needed.  plants like to dry out a bit, you well find that sweet spot for your plant or plants. We have seen a plant cut back be bone dry for days in low light condition and look dead and just some water and sure enough it starts growing please see dried out plant picture below.    

Getting the plant or plants ready.

We like to use water to wash the soil away from the roots ball or root mass. We are very carful as to not brake any of the big main roots or tap roots. Plants can have more then one tap root.

This is the best way to bare the roots with the least amount of damage. We try to leave soil at the top around a 1 inch or so down from the top of the soil we also try to make it roughly the same shape and size as the pots opening. 

If roots are to big to get into the pot you are using. then you may need a bigger pot or you can try and cut back some roots. You need to be very carful when doing this because one bad cut could kill the plant. But you will find that once you wash the roots off. They don’t really take up much space. Now that you have the roots and plant ready to put into your Bonchili pot. 

Here’s where it can get a little tricky. you need to be carful of the roots when pushing them into the pot. Once you have the root ball in the pot you need to possession  the plant the way you would like it sit or look. Now you need to firmly pack soil in and around the roots and plant so to hold the plant up in the possession  you would like it to be in.  

Once the plant has been transplanted you need to keep it wet but not to wet if your soil is to wet. Which can happen easily when washing to soil away with water. you may need to put it in a warm dry place with low or little light for the next couple of days. Than put your Bonchili in your growing area where it can get good light to start growing again. sometimes plants will just keep growing but in some cases plant will just say no and drop all there leafs that’s a bad case but we have seen plants come back from that too plaese see picture below. It’s a good sign to see your plant starting to grow again. But don’t worry if your plant is not growing in low light because once you give it more light it should start to grow again

Here’s what we do and you can do. We have put Bonchilis that have been just transplanted in a window with good light with good results but we like to put our Bonchilis under florescent light for a week or until we see new growth. If your plant is to wet and you have a good sunny window you can give your plant a couple of hours of full sun a day this will help dry out the soil and should not put to much stress on the plant. After you know it’s growing again you can start to sculpt your master piece. 

Once we have new growth we know the plant is going to make it. We now move the plant to a good sunny window or as we do in most cases is to put plants under a good grow light. We use LED lighting mostly but you can use HID lighting as well. You can also just keep plants under florescent light. And if you plan not to use any lighting a good sunny window will do as well. Plants well start to grow good after a couple of weeks. If you have not seen any new growth after a week or two than it’s likely the plant didn’t make it. This can be very disappointing after all the time you have put in to getting thus far. 

When making Bonchilis you can expect to see plants drop the rest of there leafs in some cases after the transplant. If this happens don’t give up yet wait for a week and see if plants start to grow. If the plant does not start to grow again after a week or two after transplant. You can wait a little longer to see if anything starts growing but in most cases the plant won’t make it. 

In best case you should see new growth with in days after transplant. If you have already wintered your plants this is what you can expect. The wintering process makes this much easier on plants. Specially if they are starting to grow again after being cut back.

Here is the other way to make Bonchilis although this is more crud of a way to make Bonchilis and in most cases this will work and is a good way to get to know how plants will Coop with rough treatment. 

It is good to try this way to see how you and the plants can work together. First you need to get pots ready just like above. Now getting your plant ready you can cut the stem and leafs back and tear apart the roots and soil to make them fit into pots. Just like above you need to pack the plant and roots tightly in the pots. Once you have done this you need to give plants the same care as above. And in a couple of days to a week if plants are going to live they will start to show signs of new growth. If they don’t then chalk  thus one up as a lesson for the next ones. We have had Plants that have made it though this way of transplanting. That said we recommend using water to wash the soil away. But learning how plants will react to things you do to them is all part of the fun of growing. Capsicum is a very hardy plant and are long lived and you new Bonchili can bring you years of fun and fruit In some cases. And you can replant your Bonchili into a big pot for the summer to get a bigger harvest. We tend to leave our Bonchilis as Bonchilis and because summer is very busy for us we like to move our Bonchilis to a low light window or back under florescent lighting  . We do this to slow down the growth. 

Bonchilis are a great way to kill time in the winter and a great way to play with you wintering plants. We have added some picture at the bottom of this page of plants before and after cut back and transplant. We hope this has help a little and we wish you the best of luck with your Bonchilis and happy growing 

We hope this has been helpful to you And we wish you happy growing and a big harvest