Not Just A Review

We are happy to share with you our customer. 

We are starting something new. 

We are putting a spin on reviews. Sure everyone wants good reviews, but 
we don’t like places sending us emails all the time asking for reviews for things we have bought and filling up your inbox.
Therefore, we are asking you one time to share your pepper growing with us and all your fellow pepper lovers. We want to see your plants and pods, and how you grew them. We ask you to upload photos and write about what you want to share 

So upload photos of your pepper love, and write a little something if you like. In return we will give you reward points that you can used to purchase pepper seeds. We ask that you trade mark your pictures if you would like. You can use your name or any markings you would like to make. If you don’t care to mark your images that’s fine to. We will not use your pictures for any other purpose. We would love to see your plants and hear your success stories and we know that other customers/pepper lovers would like to see your plants and peppers as well and hear about how your plants grew. 

We are going to give you 100 points per review. For the collection of points you need to be logged in when making a review. We are going with three reviews or 300 points. this will give you enough points to cover a free variety of your choice. Reviews are not limited to varieties you have purchased.  if you have plants to other varieties of peppers please feel free to share your pictures and thoughts with us and your fellow pepper lovers.
We think it’s safe to say we all enjoyed seeing pepper pictures, just like we all love to eat peppers from sweet to super-hot there is nothing like eating the fruits we spent time growing and nurturing.

So if you like taking pictures, then this is for you and if you don’t take pictures, then you can still earn points with a written review. You can earn points for sharing things about how you grow and where or how things have or have not worked for you with your growing and of course what you think about that particular variety taste, yields and other plant traits. 

We are hoping this will catch on and hope this opens up the world of pepper growing with pictures and information for all pepper lover to see and share. We grow our seeds out of our love of peppers. We have one of the worlds largest collection of Capsicums and for the most part we just want to share our success and our collection with everyone at fair prices. If things go well, we will bring that success back around to you, our customer with or by lowering prices and improving our services. Just like we have with this new addition of more than just a review add-on. It’s well worth it just to see your plants and to hear about your growing experience. 
We will leave it here by saying we hope to see your pepper pictures and we look forward to bringing you new varieties. So post as much or as little as you like.
We would like to add a special thanks from us all here at APS we wish you happy growing and a big harvest.