Days to Harvest : For each Subspecies

Days To Harvest 

We all want to know when we can expect to start harvesting and eating the amazing peppers we have spent most of the year babying. We do know that the days to harvest differs between subspecies. So we will start from the top with...

Capsicum Annuum 

Most if not all Capsicum Annuum will take 90 days from transplant with a slight few taking 100 -110 days. You can expect to have green peppers before the 90 days and color to come within 10 - 20 days after.

Capsicum Baccatum

With this subspecies you can expect plants to take a little longer to mature with the average being 110 days from transplant. You will start to see green peppers, if that was the starting color, to be around 90 - 100 days and to be fully ripe by 110 - 120 Days. There are some varieties that will ripen a little sooner and you could see ripe pods around 100-110 days.

Capsicum Chinense

This subspecies can take the longest to mature. With 120 days being the average with very few exceptions take 100 days to ripen. For the most part, you can count on 120 days from transplant. You can also expect to harvest green or whatever color is your varieties starting color to be around 90-100 Days 

Capsicum Frutescens

This subspecies is very similar to Capsicum Annuum in days to harvest with the average being 90-100 days with one or two varieties that ripen a little faster with their time being 75 - 90 days. There is only a couple taking around 100 - 110 Days. For the most part you can expect green pods around 80 days and ripe pods in 100 Days. 

Capsicum Pubescens

This subspecies can take some time just like Capsicum Chinense with its average time to harvest around 120 days from transplant with one or two exceptions. 

We hope this information is helpful so you know when to expect your babies to be ready. If you start your plants sooner than later you can expect these times to change, and your climate plays a huge role in these times as well. 

If you are planning on growing the longer growing varieties for best results start them 8 -10 weeks before transplanting and wait until the night temps in your area to stay over 14c..this will help greatly. It's always good to use season extenders like growing in home made tunnels or greenhouses for more on this please see our page on Growing Peppers In Canada there is some very helpful ways to beat mother nature and extend your growing season.

We hope this info helps and we wish you all happy growing and a big harvest from all of us here at APS

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