This grow light is the last light you will have to buy for years to come. With the latest Samsung LEDs with a Life span of over 50,000 hours this light will run for over 5 plus years. We have had these light Manufactured for us with a custom Spectrum that we have fine Tuned over the year. We start making are own LED light back in 2007 and found out that peppers like more white then red or blue we of course started with red and blue and we had plants that were showing problems just about right away with the first problem being edema which we were able to over come by Adjusting PH but that was a quit fix but than we started seeing burn spots in leafs and weak stocks. It was at this point we started taking the red out and started adding white with the blue and this was a great improvement. But again with time we were still seeing problems and started to take more red out until we found that we only needed 5-10% red and that white was what we needed mor e of but at the time White LEDs were not that good and we still needed a good number of blue LEDs stills. But in 2014 white LEDs started having more power with 80-100 lumens a watt and now we are seeing 150-180 lumens a watt. It was at this point we started buying  all the LED light on the market to test and see what they had to offer but we were not that lucky most had very bad output . so again we were started to build new LED lights with the new LED white chips. Than we started looking for manufactures to make a light for us using LEDs chips we know are great chips and after a couple of years and three Manufacturers We had some pretty good lights but we still seen room for improvement. now we have a great company that has started to make our light with the new Samsung chips with a output that we expected and needed. Now we have a light that we are happy to say we will guarantee that these new APS LED lights will grow peppers better than most lights on the market. 

So if you are looking for a light at a fair price that you know will grow your plants with out worry. This is it we Guarantee you will be more than happy with our lights. So now you don’t have to take a Chance on a light and maybe it maybe not be a good light. There are so many LED light out there it’s hard to even think about buying one with a lot of false advertising and up Rating there lights to sell them which has caused most of the uncertainty that is now plaguing the LED market 

our light, as you can see in the pictures can cover a 5/5 or less easily with great results and if your just starting plants you can cover a 10/10 with this light. 

If you plan to grow in tents or not this light has very little heat and can be used in tent with very little ventilation.

so in short this is the last light you need to buy 

Light price includes shipping 

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APS 200 Watt LED Grow Light

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