Capsicum Frutescens has a low number of varieties. Just about all varieties pod start to ferment on the plant and will fall off. The Tabasco Variety is the most fabulous but must have the same  characteristics aroma. Some are sweeter tasting than other. Add all are great for making hot sauces. 

This subspecies is very similar to Capsicum Annuum in days to harvest with the average being 90-100 days with one or two varieties that ripen a little faster with their time being 75 - 90 days. There is only a couple taking around 100 - 110 Days. For the most part you can expect green pods around 80 days and ripe pods in 100 Days. 

Wiri Wiri Frutecens Pepper Seeds

Wiri Wiri Frutecens Pepper Seeds

This very nice Variety From Guyana has good flavor and heat. Plants grow very large with high yields..


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